Friday, July 19, 2013

Journey to the Launch Pad

It is Mid July:

The final leg of journey to the launch pad has started for both MAVEN and MOM. Many local news papers and other reporting agencies of Boulder, Colorado, USA; have devoted a great deal of space with the reports that MAVEN is being showcased for the last time here at its birth place i.e., Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Jefferson county.

MAVEN, Solar panel tests; Credit: Lockheed Martin

As per Denver Post report (Denver Post), the MAVEN having gone through various tests. There is a video clip of Lockheed Martin Space Systems; which shows separate subsystems of MAVEN being tested for dynamical operations.

MAVEN to the Thermovac test; Credit : Lockheed Martin

Similarly, there were few more reports conveying the same message; thanks to google alerts every whisper related to "Mars Atmosphere" is alerted on my g-mail account.

a. abc ; 7-News

b. Huffington Post report 

There is a news item appearing on this front too. Chairman of ISRO, Mr. Radhakrishnan has made some press releases statements ( appearing in The Hindu, news paper : link) that the 2- instruments (out of five) have already reached for the final integration with the MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission, the Indian space craft headed for Mars).

Few other reports too hinting at the readiness of MOM for the slated November lift off.

a. Report#1

b. Report#2

c. Report#3

On my personal behalf: best wishes to both the wonderful entities getting ready for heavenly journey.